Hello Friends, Allies, and Supporters-

My campaign has been focused around trying to isolate the real pillars of the community and support them to make District 2 a more stable, friendly, and resilient environment. My weariness of other politicians is what set me on this course- and my drive to give back to whatever small degree I could to the community that gave me the opportunities to succeed.

It is with that mission statement in mind that I made the decision to stand firmly with Jorge Vasquez, and his attempt to secure the District office seat. This was not an easy decision- but aligns with every value I've hopefully exemplified during my time as a candidate. Jorge gave me his ear, and expertise, even when we were direct competition. His time in the District has been spent building relationships with those most vulnerable, creating opportunities for them and the surrounding area. His time as a public interest attorney shows me that both his heart and mind are in the right place to create lasting, meaningful change here in District 2, and in New York City.

I am proud to be able to merge resources with a candidate I truly believe in. With or without my endorsement, Jorge has the passion and integrity to revamp a district that needs his vision. Together, however, we hope to give a voice to every single resident that has felt unheard through the City Council terms that have come and gone as they remained anchored participants of the community.

About Chetan

Chetan Hebbur (it’s like Nathan with a “ch”) is running to represent District 2 in the New York City Council.

Chetan grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, TX before moving to New York City in 2013 to attend New York University, where he is graduating with a degree in Math and Economics. He fell in love with the city immediately and since moving here has lived, worked, and gone to school in District 2. 

City Council Members are public servants, but so often it doesn’t feel that way, and voters can become disconnected from the process.

For Chetan, accountability and transparency are what he most wants to bring to City Council.  City Council Members are public servants, but so often it doesn't feel that way, and voters can become disconnected from the process. To ensure voter engagement, Chetan will engage members of the public with widespread issue education, town hall meetings to hear directly from constituents, and, if elected, will ensure that elected officials are held accountable for their roll call votes and legislative record.

American politics has become so sensationalized that important issues are often neglected for ones that garner the most attention. This has created an environment where politicians use emotion and rhetoric rather than working with experts in the field to use actual data and critical reasoning in times of uncertainty. Chetan is beginning the movement to demand our politicians base policy on facts and research, and believes this path begins with engaging the people who have already done so much of the work: non-profits and advocacy groups. Issues like affordable housing have been addressed time and time again by groups which make recommendations that go unfollowed; these potential solutions then go unrealized. Chetan will change that.

Chetan is getting young people and our future leaders engaged in their local politics. Turnout in local city elections is abysmal, especially when we consider how many people participate in politics everyday- whether it be through social media or political protests. Chetan is dedicated to organizing his peers to plug them into the already-engaged community groups that do so much work. Every resident of District 2 deserves a voice, and Chetan will bring them all to the table to tirelessly defend their interests.