April 25, 2017

Renee Mehrra Uncut Interview with Candidate Chetan Hebbur

Renee Mehrra also once represented the South Asian community in her 20s, trying to win a seat on the NYC Council in Queens. Though she lost, she took on a vital role in the Bloomberg administration, is a well-known figure in Indian broadcasting, and continues to participate in communal activities and improvement initiatives. Watch her full interview with Chetan.

April 11, 2017

Young Man, Big Dreams!


By Sabile Marcellus

Inspired by the anti-Trump sentiment in NYC after the election, 21-year-old Chetan Hebbur decided to run for office. Hebbur is running for a seat in the New York City Council District 2. Sibile caught up with him at NYU.

"Me running for council is a broader issue than running for council for me. It's showing America that ... young people can do something and ... education is critical in passing legislation," Hebbur said.

April 5, 2017

Indian American NYU student Chetan Hebbur to run for New York City Council

By AB Wire

Chetan Hebbur, a 21-year-old Indian American New York University student, is running for the New York City Council District 2, the New York Post reported.  He hopes to succeed Rosie Mendez, who is term-limited.

Hebbur, who hopes to get the Democratic nomination, is a student of Mathematics and Economics at New York University and plans to rely on NYC students to clinch the nomination to represent the East Village, Lower East Side, and Murray Hill. Read More...


April 4, 2017

New India Times: Indian American student Chetan Hebbur running for City Council in New York is “desperate” for change

By Ela Dutt

Indian-Americans have produced a few of the youngest politicos around the country – the youngest governor in the country, Nikki Haley of South Carolina; the youngest state legislator in Ohio, Niraj Antani. And now, New York City has probably the youngest candidate running for City Council from District 2 – Chetan Hebbur, (“It’s like Nathan with a “ch” – Hebbur tells all those who are pronunciation-challenged).

The 21-year old is a math and economics student at New York University, and a marketing consultant. He was born in Oklahoma, brought up in Dallas, Texas, and moved to New York University in 2013. He will be 22 when and if he gets elected to the council, and would become the first Indian-American to be elected to the council. In terms of age, he will match former Bronx Councilman Joel Rivera who was 22 when he was elected in 2001. Hebbur wants to occupy the District 2 seat being vacated by Councilwoman Rosie Mendez whose 12-year term-limit is over. Read More..

April 4, 2017

Fox 5 NY: NYU student running for City Council

by Dana Arschin 

At 21, Chetan Hebbur is ready to rule the world -- or at least a chunk of New York City as a member of the City Council.


"I've spent my entire college experience learning how to deal with economics and math," Hebbur said. "I work for a financial institution as a marketing consultant. I manage my mom's finances. I know what I'm doing."

The NYU senior is digging into his own pocket to try and become a city councilman in District 2. If he wins, he'd tie former Bronx Councilman Joel Rivera as the youngest lawmaker in New York City history. 

Here are the issues Hebbur is most passionate about: 

"I would love to see New York City start executing legislation that is moving drug addiction away from criminality and towards rehabilitation --that's super important to me," Hebbur said. "Outreach to these advocacy groups, nonprofits, vetting them thoroughly to make sure we're not wasting money when we contribute to them." Read More.. 

April 4, 2017

India West: NYU Student Running for Seat on New York City Council: Younger Voices Represent Change

by India-West Staff Reporter

Chetan Hebbur, an Indian American student majoring in mathematics and economics at New York University, has announced he is running for the New York City Council District 2 seat.

Hebbur, 21, who expects to earn his bachelor’s degree from NYU in 2017, said in a New York Post report that the city needs younger voices who represent change.

Should he win, he would be the youngest lawmaker in the city’s history, matching Joel Rivera, who served as Bronx councilman at 22 when he was elected in 2001, according to the Post report.

Hebbur, a Democrat, is counting on his fellow classmates to earn a spot on the ballot for the District 2 seat representing the East Village, Lower East Side and Murray Hill, which will become open as incumbent Rosie Mendez is termed out. Read More..

April 3, 2017

Washington Square News: What Led Chetan Hebbur to Run for City Council?

by Sayer Devlin, Deputy News Editor

CAS senior Chetan Hebbur hopes to capture the Democratic nomination to run for City Council in New York’s District 2. Hebbur and his staff — CAS junior and Community Outreach Manager Alidia Findley, CAS junior and Campaign Manager Sydney Hibbs and CAS senior and Press Secretary Joey Mihelich — want to mobilize NYU students to vote and to keep them updated on local politics.  Read More..

April 3, 2017

New York Post: This 21-year-old NYU student is running for City Council

by Melkorka Licea


Chetan Hebbur is giving a run for City Council the old college try. The New York University senior, 21, wants a shot at succeeding Rosie Mendez, who is term-limited out.

“The city needs younger voices who represent change,” he told The Post. 

If he wins, the Democrat would tie former Bronx Councilman Joel Rivera for the title of youngest city lawmaker in Big Apple history. Rivera was 22 when he was elected in 2001. Read More..

March 20, 2017

Washington Square News: CAS Senior is Running for New York City Council


by Sayer Devlin, Deputy News Editor

Age is just a number for Chetan Hebbur — a CAS senior running for City Council in New York City’s Second District — who could potentially be the council’s youngest member.

With the support of two other NYU students — one serving as his campaign manager and the other focussing on community outreach programs — Hebbur is looking to fill the seat of incumbent Rosie Mendez by running in the Democratic primary this September. The second district — which leans heavily Democrat — includes the East Village, Gramercy Park, Kips Bay, the Lower East Side, Murray Hill, Rose Hill and several NYU dorms.

Washington Square News spoke with Hebbur about his campaign goals and why he decided to run for City Council. Read More..