Our Core Team


Chetan Hebbur- Candidate for NYC City Council: District 2

Chetan is turning 22 in May as he graduates from NYU in Mathematics and Economics. Before moving to New York, he grew up in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, TX-- going through the public school system from kindergarten to high school.

Chetan obviously hopes to take the seat in District 2, tying for youngest city council-member, and being the first Indian-American to be represented on the council. Despite two full years licensed, working hands-on, in risk management, and his proficiency in mathematics, Chetan plans to find a way to benefit the NYC area regardless of the election’s outcome. Whether that be through using his skills at an understaffed advocacy group, or the development of his New York based nonprofit, he has dedicated his skills to public service and improving the lives of those lacking privilege and agency.

His hobbies include cooking, watching & creating short form cinematography, exploring the offerings of New York’s thriving food & music scene, and most importantly: unconditionally loving his amazing canine, Maple. In 9th grade Chetan was an avid close-up magician, but, thankfully, times have changed. However, he will show you a card trick if you really insist.

Chetan’s decision to run may seem rushed to some, but he believes in the era of Trump and rampant protests becoming more normalized day-by-day, and that driven individuals frustrated with their methods’ lack of results can channel their energy in other productive, efficient ways. As a first-generation Indian immigrant with parents (a mother who is a pediatrician, and a father who works in engineering consultation), Chetan believes that using the privilege he has because of his parents’ hard work should not be wasted on pursuing monetary goals. He believes it is the civic duty of anyone so lucky to have privilege and flexibility to use their socioeconomic position to help those unable to climb the ladder. While the federal government refuses to take pressing issues seriously, Chetan has committed to softening the blow of changing policies to New York City-- especially through supporting communities with the most needs, but the smallest voice.


Caroline Magee - Campaign Manager

Caroline is a twenty two year old currently graduating from the University of St. Andrews with a Masters in International Relations. She is a born and raised New Yorker.

Hebbur for NYC 2017 makes this Carrie’s 7th campaign, including her most recent work with Hillary for America. She hopes to continue to work in politics and issue advocacy post-graduation in a city she cites as “her favorite city on Earth”-- the big apple.

When she isn’t working on the campaign (which is never) her hobbies include watching the Phillies and Eagles fail year after year, and if you can’t find her at her local Strand (you can’t, she’s working on the campaign) she is probably jamming on her keytar (in a way that is conducive to campaigning).

Carrie has committed her time and foregone other lucrative opportunities because of her belief in this campaign and her love for the District 2 area. She genuinely believes that the alternative candidates would not be representative of its constituency, and fail to embrace more inclusive grassroots tactics. In her mind, a fresh voice- uncorrupted by political norms- is the first step to empowering a young, mobile community. But, most importantly, Chetan’s drive and noninvolvement with political institutions makes him the ideal candidate for calling out corruption and systemic issues within the legislative body.



Joey Mihelich VI - Press Secretary & Treasurer


Joey is a twenty one year old graduating senior from the College of Arts and Science at NYU with a major in Economics and a minor in Business studies. He was raised in a suburban Michigan community. Culturally, Joey is half Indian and half America, contributing to his very unique upbringing.

Originally considering positions at financial institutions and consulting firms, even after doing six separate internships in the field, Joey certainly had not considered politics before. Once the campaign started, however, Joey realized that his proclivity and desire to engage with people made him an ideal candidate for Press Secretary, and the overachiever he is, also is active Treasurer for the campaign. Even at 21, Joey puts Spicer to shame, and believes in the message he desires to spread. Working with our Senior Press Mentor, Urvashi Barua, Joey is excited to learn the ropes of interacting with the media. But from a Treasurer’s standpoint, Joey certainly has the skills necessary to assure transparency and compliance for the voters in District 2.

An avid athlete, Joey enjoys playing a full range of sports, especially basketball and soccer. Unfortunately due to an ACL injury he will be out of the game for a bit, but don’t be surprised to see him hobbling up your stairs in crutches to hand out brochures; very little sets him back.

After Chetan talked to Joey about the campaign it was obvious Joey would be a perfect fit for being a liaison between team messaging and the press. Eloquent and confident, Joey handles constituents with genuine personality and charm. Joey believes the campaign’s message sells itself, and people from both sides of the aisle should be willing to hear it out. He believes he can be a strong asset to the team through his communication skills and financial background.